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Applied Biology: Videos - Intro to the Lab

A LibGuide to assist students in Applied Biology classes with research, lab safety, and searching for protocols.

Attention Students

GETTING AN ERROR?  If the embedded version of the JoVE videos on this guide are stopping after 20 seconds,
please go directly to the JoVE Database and watch them there.

[If you are off-campus you will need to enter your 14-digit student ID after clicking on that link.]

Jove Protocol Videos

JoVE is a video journal for biological, medical, chemical and physical research. JoVE publishes peer-reviewed video articles documenting techniques and protocols. 

Videos are generally between 10-15 minutes long and provide a detailed step-by-step description of the protocol to enable another scientist to easily reproduce the technique. Each article is accompanied by a written component, which contains introductory remarks, the protocol, representative results, discussion and references. 

Additional videos not featured here can be accessed at the JoVE database

Introduction to the Centrifuge

Introduction to the Spectrophotometer

Introduction to Microplate Reader

Jove on Mobile

It is easiest to watch JoVE videos on a desktop or laptop, but if you want to watch on a mobile device's browser or the app, you'll have to sign in and create an account (just once.)

The app requires you to create an account — do so with your Kettering email, and you will have full access to the videos. The app is on the Play Store or the App Store.

Introduction to Serological Pipettes + Pipettors

Measuring Mass in the Laboratory

Making Solutions in the Lab

How to use a pH Meter

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