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CUE 495 / CILE 400: Thesis - Culminating Undergraduate Experience

A guide to help Kettering students with Thesis research prep and searching the Digital Thesis Archive.

The Digital Thesis Archive

Since 2003 Kettering has been storing digital copies of student theses in the Digital Thesis Archive. The archive can be searched by Title, Author (student's name) or Full Text Keyword. The Full Text search is only active for 2003-present.

If looking for a name, whether a student or an advisor, enter it in the search field using Lastname, Firstname format: 

When the correct thesis is found, clicking on the "Thesis Download" red button will pull up a PDF. 

Theses before 2003 will have microfilm or microfiche information in at the end of their entry. Give this information to a librarian and they will set you up on the microfilm reader.

If you're off campus and encounter a Microfilm/Microfiche thesis you'd like to view, email and we can digitize it.

Coverage Dates


1946 - present
Thesis titles and authors are listed in the Digital Thesis Archive. No Full-Text searching.
2003 - present

PDF copy in the Digital Thesis Archive. Full-Text searching.
-no confidential theses


1983 - 2003

Microfiche, located in the library's Thesis Room.


1946 - 1983

   Microfilm, located in the library's Thesis Room.

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