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A how-to guide to each of Kettering's databases.

Michigana Historical Archive

Using the Michigana Historical Archive

This digital archive documents state history. Drawn from the Sabin collection and other Gale sources, the archive provides access to a wide variety of documents: personal narratives and memoirs, pamphlets and political speeches, sermons and songs, legal treatises and children's books.

There are several ways to find materials in this archive. You can click on the large illustrations on the opening page (known as Spotlights) to explore relevant documents (arrow links are provided to view the previous and next pictures). You can also click on the thumbnails at the bottom of the page to access the contents via topics identified by the collection's editor. Here you will find introductory essays providing historical context and educational structure, as well as links to the documents. Alternatively, you can go directly to the key subjects and link to the documents from there.

This archive aims to be as user-friendly and accessible as possible. You can browse the entire collection organized by subjects, authors, and titles. To locate documents in the collection most relevant to a specific research assignment or personal interest, you can also search by keyword, subject, author, title or full-text. This collection makes it possible to research state history easily and conveniently from your own computer.

Basic Search

The Basic Search enables you to search the entire database for the presence of any word or words within the full text of works (Full Text). Search terms/phrases entered cannot exceed one hundred characters and twelve words.

Basic Search is featured in the right hand navigation pane on the home page; and accessible via the right hand navigation pane tab from Search Results; via the Basic Search button in the right hand navigation pane from all other views; and via the Searches menu on the top navigation bar from all views.

To perform a Basic Search simply enter your search terms and click the Search button, or select from from the list of key subject terms displayed below the search box. Clicking on a subject term within the list returns a results list of all works within the database that have been indexed to that term.

The system will return a results list matching your search parameters. From the results list, you may revise your search parameters by clicking the Basic Search tab on the right hand navigation bar. You may return to the home page by choosing Basic Search from the Searches link on the top navigation bar from all views.


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