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How to Do Research

Using Kettering University Library to find articles, journals, and conduct research.

How to find an article


In order to look up an article in Kettering's databases, you need the journal title from the citation. Most citations are in APA or MLA format. In both formats, the journal title is the italicized part. See New Scientist in the example below.

Zalasiewicz, J. (2015). To the depths of the Earth and back again. New Scientist, 228(3047), 34

Lastname, Initial. (Year). Article title. Journal Title, Volume#(Issue#), Pgs.

MLA citations are slightly different, with the title of the article in quotes, but the journal title is still in italics

Zalasiewicz, Jan. "To the Depths of the Earth and Back Again." New Scientist 228.3074 (2015): 34.


Armed with the journal title, you can look it up in our Journal List A-Z located on the library's Database Page, use the button below, or the search box on the right.

The library's homepage at has two different ways to access the Database Page.

Library Hompage - Databases 

Journal list

Once you are in the Journal list you can type in the title of the journal you wish to search.

Library Homepage

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