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FYE - Kettering Majors: Biochemistry

An introduction to the major disciplines at Kettering University for new students.

Biochemistry Books in the Library

Biochemistry books are in the QD 501-801 and QP 415-436 call number ranges in stack 135 + 136. When entering the library, keep walking straight ahead to the stacks on the north wall. 

Biochemistry reference books are in the QD/QP call numbers, stack 146, located directly behind the student computer workstations. 

Biochemistry books in the library

Biochemistry reference books in the library

Biochemistry ebooks available 24/7

Biochemistry Journals

A few of the Biochemistry journals we have in the library.

Biochemistry News

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Welcome to Biochemistry

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is located on the 3rd floor of the Mott Building in Rm 3101. Phone: 810-762-7912  |  email:

You can also search for the Biochemistry faculty.

Biochemistry Databases

Biochemistry Thesis

The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry culminates in a thesis. The library has a Digital Thesis Archive, accessible with your Kettering login credentials, with a searchable listing of all theses written since 1946. Example titles of Biochemistry theses:

  • Porous Polymers and their use for Hydrogen Storage
  • DNA and Blood Protein Binding Properties of Ruthenium (II) Arene Anti-Cancer Complexes

When students are ready, the Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) assists them with thesis preparation.