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FYE - Kettering Majors: Electrical Engineering

An introduction to the major disciplines at Kettering University for new students.

Electrical Engineering Books in the Library

Books on Electrical Engineering are in the TK 1-9971 call numbers starting in stack 139. When you enter the library, keep walking straight ahead to the stacks on the north wall. 

Electrical Engineering books in the library

Electrical Engineering reference books in the library

Electrical Engineering ebooks available 24/7

Electrical Engineering Journals

These are just a few of the electrical engineering  journals Kettering has access to through subscription.

Welcome to Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical & Computing Engineering is located on the 2nd floor of the Academic Building in Rm 2-703. 

Meet the Electrical & Computer Engineering faculty.

Electrical Engineering Databases

Electrical Engineering Thesis

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering culminates in a thesis. The library has a Digital Thesis Archive, accessible with your Kettering login credentials, with a searchable listing of all theses written since 1946. Full-text is available in the archive from 2003-present. Example titles of Electrical Engineering theses:

  • Power Saving Protocols for Cooperative Robotics in an Institutional Surveillance System
  • Audio Tourister: Upcycling Used Luggage as a Personal Audio System

When students are ready, the Culminating Undergraduate Experience (CUE) assists them with thesis preparation.

Greek Societies


EE Times News

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Google Scholar Search


Did you know you can use Google Scholar to search Kettering databases for articles and journals? It should automatically work if you are logged into Google with your Kettering email address. 

If it's not working, after logging in, just go to Settings > Library Links from the Google Scholar homepage and type in Kettering University. Tick the check box and click Save. If we have an article, you'll see the 'Full-Text @ Kettering' link in your Google Scholar search results.

google scholar icon

Full-Text @ Kettering

Google Scholar also has an extension for the Chrome Browser worth checking out.