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SAE Papers + Standards: Finding Technical Papers + Standards

Information about SAE and how to find Technical Papers + Standards in the library.

Where to Start

Step 1: Start by searching SAE Mobilus.
            Off-campus users will need their Kettering ID # to authenticate.

  • It indexes all SAE publications (standards, technical papers, books, journals) from 1906 onwards.
  • Make sure you are viewing the "Subscribed" content tab only because this will limit the results to documents Kettering owns.


Step 2: Found what you want? Where can you get it? 

  • If the paper you want begins with a letter, it is a Standard. See the box to the right.
  • If the paper you want is just a bunch of numbers, it is a Technical Paper. If there is a "Buy Document" button, see the box below, we might have it in physical form in our file cabinets.
  • If the Technical Paper you want has a PDF icon and Download button, we have it in full text and you can download it immediately. Congratulations!


SAE Technical Papers

How to Understand the Numbering System for SAE Technical Papers

Technical Papers have one of two numbering formats:

  • six digit number (941542) for all papers published prior to 1999
  • 10 digit number (2007-01-1542) for all papers published after 2000
  • The first numbers indicate year published, so 941542 = published in 1994 and 2007-01-1542 = published in 2007

SAE papers can be published in SAE Special Publications, in SAE Proceedings, in the SAE Transactions, and in various SAE Journals.

"SP" = Special Publications - a collection of Technical Papers presented at a given session in one conference.
"HS" = Handbook Supplement
"P" = Proceedings
"PT" = Progress in Technology

Our holdings for SAE Technical Papers: 

Kettering has access to 1906→present for Technical Papers in SAE Mobilus.


See a librarian at any point in the SAE paper finding process if you have any trouble. It's complicated and we're here to help.

Stapp Car Crash Journal

Stapp Car Crash Journal

The Stapp Association is dedicated to the dissemination of research findings in impact biomechanics, human tolerance to impact trauma, and crash injury protection. This is achieved primarily through the annual Stapp Car Crash Journal and associated conference. 

There is a selection of Technical Papers published in the Stapp Car Crash Journal. 

Kettering has access to 1966→present of Stapp papers in SAE Mobilus.


To find Stapp papers inside SAE Mobilus, type in their title in the search bar. 

To simply browse papers from the Stapp Car Crash Conference, enter "Stapp Car Crash" and change the dropdown option to "Meeting Name" before hitting SEARCH.

Gaps in Our Coverage


Aerospace Standards

Aerospace Material specifications

SAE Standards

All SAE Standards begin with letters. Ground Vehicle Standards start with J; Aerospace Standards start with AS, AMS, AIR and ARP. Standards often have various iterations, so be aware of which version you need.

We have the SAE Handbook in print and on CD-ROM and it contains the SAE Ground Vehicle Standards. These are also called J-Reports because the standard numbers begin with J. For example: 

  • J585_200802 Tail Lamps
  • J513_199901 Refrigeration Tube Fittings

Our holdings for Ground Vehicle Standards:

1905-present—The SAE Digital Library indexes all published Standards. No full text access is available, but you can locate the paper number.

1935-2003—Physical books on the shelves in the form of the SAE Handbook, call number TL 151 .S62

2008-2010 — CD-ROM version of the SAE Handbook, available from the Reference Librarians at the Information Desk (includes most Standards through 1905-2010)

Aerospace Standards

We have a very limited number of Aerospace Standards in physical form. They are indexed in the SAE Digital Library, but not in Kettering's catalog. The standards we have are listed below. They are located in two different books in the Reference section.

SAE Aerospace Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook
Call Number: REF TK 6553 .E44 1984


Call Number: REF TK 6553 .E44 1984 (Do Not Own)

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