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Language Learning Resources: SAE Journals + Books

This guide is to show what Kettering offers to assist students and faculty with English as a second language.


Kettering has print editions for limited years of some SAE Journals. These are located in the Periodicals section of the library, around the corner to the right upon entry. 

To browse SAE's current magazine and journal offerings, see the Publication section of their website.


Kettering owns over 450 SAE Books from as far back as 1945. They include standards, recommended practices, retrospectives, technical reports, and special papers. Browse those books here.

Books have letter designations. HS=Handbook Supplement   PT=Progress in Technology   SP=Special Publication

Below is a brief sampling of what books we have on hand:

Knowledge Hubs

New Knowledge Hubs have been made available in SAE Mobilus! If you click on "knowledge hubs" in the top navigation bar you can see the new cybersecurity and automated & connected hubs. In here there is lots of information on autonomous vehicles.  


Kettering has official SAE Proceedings from over 50 conferences. Browse them here. Conference Proceedings have a P- designation, like P-386. Below is a brief sampling of what we have on hand:


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