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Kettering University Library - Information: Using the Library

Introduction to the Library

Circulation Policy

For Students

  • Books check out for 30 days
  • A maximum of 15 items may be checked out
  • Late fees only apply to tech checkouts and course reserves 
  • Fines over $25 will place a hold on your student account in Banner 

For Faculty and Staff

  • Books check out for 180 days
  • Unlimited number of items can be checked out
  • Late fees only apply to tech checkouts and course reserves

Finding a book in the stacks

The library organizes books according to the Library of Congress Classification and call numbers.


Call Numbers PS are on the east side of the library (to the right when entering)

Call numbers PS  Z are on the north end of the library (directly ahead of you when entering)

You can also find Great Reads, New Books, Graphic Novels, and Reference books in different sections through out the Library. 

Check Me Out!

The library has many books available for check out including Course Reserves - The textbooks for your classes!

& If we don't have the book you are looking for we may be able to get it for you through inter-library loan


If You Are Off-Campus

If you are an off-campus student, when accessing Kettering resources you will be prompted to enter the 14-digit barcode on your Kettering ID card. Enter it into the Database Access screen, as pictured here. If you are having difficulty finding your ID number, please email us at from your student email account.

Be sure to enter the entire barcode, starting with 2100. Other places on campus only use the middle nine numbers. Then hit enter.

How To Research

For information on how to research

Check out the Getting Started with Library Research Guide

Below is a list of various guides that can be used to help begin your research

Finding Articles Using Google Scholar


Did you know you can use Google Scholar to search Kettering databases for articles and journals? It should automatically work if you are logged into Google with your Kettering email address. 

If it's not working, after logging in, just go to Settings Library Links from the Google Scholar homepage and type in Kettering University. Tick the check box and click Save. If we have an article, you'll see the 'Full-Text @ Kettering' link in your Google Scholar search results.

google scholar icon

Full-Text @ Kettering

Google Scholar also has an extension for the Chrome Browser worth checking out.


Request An Article

If you can't find an article inside Kettering's databases, you can request one through our InterLibrary Loan service. 

This service is free for students and faculty with a turn around time of one to seven days, depending on availability of the material.

 Article Request Form

Book Purchase Suggestion

Is there a specific book that would help with your research? Suggest it here and the librarians will consider it for the library.

We take suggestions for both physical books and ebooks.

Suggest a book

InterLibrary Loan (ILL)

Kettering Library is happy to fill InterLibrary Loan requests for professors, whether for scholarly articles or physical books. There is a limit of five requests per human per day. See our complete ILL Info Page here.


Kettering subscribes to almost 45,000 unique journal titles, but sometimes not the one that contains the scholarly article needed for your research. If you can't find the journal in our Journal List A-Z, or in GoogleScholar, feel free to submit an Article Request. Most article requests take a 5-7 days.


We are part of a library consortium (called PALnet) with Baker College and Mott Community College, which means our library catalog of books is shared between the three schools. Often if Kettering does not own a book we can obtain it from Baker or Mott. 

If Baker or Mott do not have the book, we can request it through Michigan's statewide interlibrary loan system, called MeL. Search MeL here. All you need to place a hold on a MeL book is your entire 14-digit Kettering ID barcode. (No logging in necessary.)

When a book cannot be found in Baker, Mott, or MeL, we can usually obtain it for you through traditional InterLibrary Loan. Submit a Book Request here. Book requests usually take 7-14 days.

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