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InterLibrary Loan + MeLCat Requesting: Home → Searching the Catalog

How to obtain books not owned by Kettering using our InterLibrary Loan method.

How to Use the Catalog

Are you looking for a book not owned by Kettering?

We have several methods of obtaining books for you that are not on our shelves. We welcome suggestions to purchase books here, but if you just want to borrow a book from another library please follow these steps: 

1. Catalog Search

We are part of a university library consortium (called PALnet) with Baker College and Mott Community College. This means our library catalog of books (called Koha) is shared between the three schools. Often if Kettering does not own a book we can obtain it from Baker or Mott. 

To expand your search from just Kettering, change the dropdown menu on our catalog search page to "All libraries."
All libraries = Baker, Mott & Kettering

In the example below, "The Dark Knight Returns" is available at Mott Community College Library in their graphic novel collection. Clicking on the Place Hold link on the right side of the screen will allow you to log in and get the book sent directly to Kettering's circulation desk. You'll then get an email when it is ready. See the box below for details on how to place holds and renew materials.

If you can't find the book you're looking for at Kettering, Baker, or Mott, then move on to step two, Academic Resource Sharing (ARS):

1. Catalog Search

2. ARS @ UofM Flint 

3. MeLCat Lending

4. InterLibrary Loan 

Logging In + Placing Holds

To Login for the First Time

If you've never logged in the library catalog Koha before, you will be using your Student Number as login and full barcode number as password.

Login = student number, nine digits, beginning with 7
Password = full barcode, 14 digits, beginning with 2100 

These numbers can be found on your Kettering Student ID card, under the barcode.

For Mr. Leonardo DaVinci's card in the example below: 

Login = 70191474X
Password = 2100701914745XX





You can change the password to something else once you've logged in for the first time, just use the Change Your Password option inside your account, on the left sidebar.

Placing a Hold

Navigate to the item you'd like to place a hold on using the Kettering online catalog. Each item record has a Place hold link on the far right side of the page.

Clicking Place Hold will prompt you to login to your account using your student number and barcode. Do this, and your Confirm hold screen will pop up.

Leave the dropdown menu on Kettering University Library, and click the Place hold button to confirm your hold.

After the hold is placed, you will be inside your Koha catalog account, and will be able to see your active holds. See the box below to renew items.

Renewing an Item

To Renew an Item

If you would like to renew items you have checked out, login to your online catalog account

The Checked out tab indicates what you have checked out. If a renewal is allowed it will be indicated. One renewal is allowed for electronic devices, and two renewals for books and media. (There are no renewals on: Course Reserves, items that are already overdue, or items on hold for another patron.)

1st - Click the check box next to Renew for each item you want to renew.
2nd - Then choose the Renew selected option at the top. If you want to renew everything, then choose Renew all.

After the screen refreshes you will get a confirmation of your renewal with an updated Due Date. The "Not renewable" under the green Renewed! button indicates there are no more renewals allowed for that particular item.

Any questions about renewals can be directed to the Circulation Department at or 810-762-7814.

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