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Faculty Works @ Kettering University

Uploading Works to Your Profile

Faculty are encouraged to upload their published works, grants and other professional materials to their Faculty Works profiles from their professional career PRIOR to Kettering. These works help showcase your experience over the entirety of your career. Remember, works published while AT Kettering will need to be uploaded to the Digital Commons first and linked to your Faculty Works profile. 

Any works published during your career are great additions to your Faculty Works profile. Again, we encourage you to sign the Author Agreement if you have not already done so. Kettering librarians will work to keep your published materials up to date in the Digital Commons once you sign the author agreement. 

When uploading works, please keep copyright policies in mind. Many publishers do not allow their PDFS to be shared, however, pre and post prints owned by the author are almost always permitted. Please feel free to reach out to a librarian at if you are unsure about the copyright status of your work. For more information on copyright, please see this guide.  

Please see below for instructions on completing an upload to your Faculty Works page. 

Making an Upload

From your Faculty Works homepage, select "Add Work" from the dropdown menu. 

From here, you can select "Upload File". 



Once your file uploads, you will be prompted to select the type of work. 



From here, you will be prompted to fill in more information about the work. Once you have completed this, simply hit "Upload to Profile", and your work will now appear on your profile page.


Uploading a Link

If you do not have copyright clearance to post a work, or your work only exists on an online platform, you may also upload links on your Faculty Works profile. 

From the homepage, choose "Add a Link" from the dropdown menu, at which point you will be walked through a similar process of filling in informational fields and uploading. A thumbnail with the link will then be visible on your Works page.

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