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Faculty Works @ Kettering University

Faculty Works: Creating, Collaborating, Connecting

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Faculty Works is a service offered by Kettering University, with help from the Kettering University Library. This service provides a platform for an open professional profile.  

Faculty Works allows users to:

  • Collect your work from your professional career in one place
  • Expand your professional influence, as the software is optimized for Google and Google Scholar
  • Track downloads of your published works using the world map on the author dashboard 
  • Receive monthly download reports sent directly to your email
  • Use the report feature for assistance in promotion and tenure

Faculty are encouraged to upload works from their professional careers prior to Kettering on their Faculty Works page. Works completed while AT Kettering should first be uploaded to the Digital Commons (our institutional repository) and will then be linked to your Faculty Works page. In order for works to be uploaded to the Digital Commons, faculty must sign the Author Agreement Form. Monthly reports will show downloads from both your Faculty Works page and the Digital Commons. The library manages uploads to the Digital Commons, so once you sign the author agreement, we take over from there!

Faculty are encouraged to add to and maintain their profiles on their own, however, the library is happy to assist along the way. 

If you would like help building or maintaining your profile, please feel free to reach out to a librarian at

Monthly Reports

Once faculty members begin uploading works to their profile, they will receive a monthly report indicating how many downloads have been completed that month, and where those downloads took place. The Readership Distribution map is a really neat feature that allows faculty to see the impact they are having worldwide. 


An Introduction to FacultyWorks

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