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Business Podcasts

Harvard Business Review Ideacast: a weekly audio podcast, bringing you the analysis and advice of the leading minds in management. 

BBC Business Daily: This podcast examines the big issues facing the global economy, demystifies the world of money and common business news and trends, and provides a daily update of world business news.

The Bottom Line: A BBC Radio 4 production that is a panel discussion with business leaders addressing such topics as how some companies survive for centuries, new concepts in management, and wearable technology and its impact on business.

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Business Statistics


BUSN 522: Business Statistics — Solving complicated business problems in today's increasingly competitive global marketplace demands new thinking and new skills. This course is designed to provide insight for learners about how to collect, analyze, and interpret data in order to make sound decisions. Probability analysis, sampling, hypothesis testing, descriptive and inferential statistics, along with additional tools and techniques used by business professionals in market research, business forecasting, and risk mitigation are employed. 

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