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LinkedIn Learning

Creating a persistent link:

To create a persistent link from LinkedIn Learning, simply open up the course you wish to share. From here, select the arrow in the upper right corner and choose "link":

From here, you will be able to copy and post the persistent link:

Linking Steps

The Blackboard LinkedIn Learning LTI upgrade offers:

  • Ease in adding LinkedIn Learning content into your Blackboard course shells
  • Improved searching and filtering for content
  • Direct course linking
  • Ability to track student progress

Start in your Blackboard course shell at Content> Build Content> LinkedIn Learning to begin adding Linkedin Learning content for your course.

The Kettering University Library subscribes to LinkedIn Learning (formally known as and it's available in a different login portal than LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning account must be created in your email. You have the option to have your LinkedIn profile in your email or in your personal email. You do have the ability to link them together (see next tab).

Steps to Create - Click on and it will take you to this page (see screenshot below)

If you already have a LinkedIn Profile in your email and your accounts are connected, please type that email and click continue, from there you will be prompted for your LinkedIn password, type your password and click continue again to be taken to the LinkedIn Learning homepage

If you don't already have a LinkedIn Profile in your email or you have one in your personal email, please create a LinkedIn Learning Profile using this activation link: (You do have the ability to keep your personal LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Learning Accounts separate, but linking them - see next tab- has tons of benefits)

P.S. Do not use the 'Sign in with your Library card' option, as we don't have that activated


Linking your LinkedIn Profile to your LinkedIn Learning Account is optional, but it offers a few benefits, such as the ability to share certificates to your profile. You can read more about the benefits here.

To connect your LinkedIn profile after LinkedIn Learning Account Creation:

  1. Log into LinkedIn Learning.

  2. Click your photo in the top right corner, and select Settings from the dropdown that appears.

  3. Below Connect your LinkedIn account to your LinkedIn Learning account provided by your organization, and click Connect my account.

  4. Log into LinkedIn Learning again.

  5. If you agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy, click Accept and continue.

You can read more about 'Connect your Learning account to your LinkedIn profile' at this link here.

Only current Kettering affiliates are able to have access to LinkedIn Learning, as the license is restricted. If you want access to LinkedIn Learning after graduation, you will have to purchase individually. The cost is around 19.99 per month after a 1-month free trial. More info on this page here:

If you need to 'Disconnect your LinkedIn profile from your Learning license', please follow the steps outlined on this page here:

If you have any issues (or additional questions), please email and we can disconnect your license in our Admin Portal.

How to use LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides thousands of videos, featuring professionals from around the world, to help learners master new skills, 

Whether the skill you are interested in is related to your studies, preparing for the work force, or even mastering a skill in your personal life, LinkedIn Learning has a helpful video for you. 

From the homepage, you will see videos recommended for you, and suggested videos based on interests you choose.



From the homepage, you can browse by topic under the categories business, technology or creative, or use the search bar. 



From the homepage, select "Take a Tour" from the upper left-hand corner for a brief video introduction to LinkedIn Learning.


LinkedIn Learning Example Videos

Please see below for several popular videos available now on LinkedIn Learning.


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