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Primo VE

Using Primo VE

Primo VE is a powerful, easy-to-use library search system that enables libraries to fully integrate their physical and digital collections for seamless browsing and access by students, faculty, and staff. Primo VE has extensive filters that allow researchers and students to really drill down to find exactly what they are looking for. Primo VE allows you to cast a wide net over the library's holdings to give you more of what you're looking for.

Primo VE filters include:

  • Full text
  • Peer-review
  • Open access
  • Physical items
  • Creation/publication date
  • Journal articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Books (includes eBooks)
  • Book chapters
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • Conference proceedings
  • Market research
  • Datasets
  • Videos
  • Subject
  • Much more

Primo VE can be accessed in the box above, or by visiting the library's homepage, then clicking the link under "Welcome to the Library." You can also click "Services" on the left menu of the homepage, then choose "Search Everything."

Enter the term(s) you wish to search in the box. Or, you can click the advanced search to the right of the search box for specific options.

Once you enter your search terms, the results page will offer a large number of filters on the left side of the page. The ones you will probably use the most are Availability, Resource Type, and Publication Date. When you click each option, the page will refresh. You can choose as many filters as you would like.

  • Availability - allows you to choose materials that are full-text online, peer-reviewed, open access, or physical materials. If you don't want to receive any records that are citations only, be sure to click the full-text option so you can read the whole article or book. Citations are the information about a resource, but not the resource itself. For example, an article citation would include publication information like title, author(s) or editor(s), journal name, journal volume and number/issue, number of pages, etc.
  • Resource Type - is where you will choose the kind of material you're seeking. For example, you can narrow your results to only books, journal articles, newspaper articles, conference proceedings, standards, reviews, and many more!
  • Publication Date - lets you enter specific date ranges for your search. This is particularly helpful when you are only seeking recent research and want to eliminate older results.

If there are types of results you wish to exclude from your results, you can hover your cursor over them and an exclude box will appear to the right of the type. Simply click the exclude icon and the page will refresh again, removing those results. For example, you may want to exclude newspaper articles in favor of more scholarly resources for a research project. 

Whether or not you choose specific limiters on the resource type, Primo VE tells you what kind of material you're looking at in your results. This will appear above the title of the item.

When you see an item you're interested in, click the title to be shown more information about the material. This is where descriptions, subject keywords, ISBNs/ISSNs, and links to access digital materials are located. If it sounds like something you want to read, click the link found in the box below.

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