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Open Access

Why Support Open Access?


  • Improve access to scholarly literature and the information it contains.
    • Currently most scholarly literature is closed-access, and is available only to scholars and scientists whose institutions can afford to pay for it.
    • Rising acquisition costs have led to a burden on the acquisition budgets of scholarly libraries resulting in a deterioration of the literature supply.
    • Journal literature has been particularly - although not exclusively - affected.
    • This development is known as the “serials crisis”
  • Leverages the power of the Internet
    • Increases visibility and impact of research and scholarship
    • Creates new avenues of discovery
    • Democratizes access - regardless of Institutional size or budget
  • Most importantly OA advances knowledge and education
    • Enhances interdisciplinary research
    • Accelerates the pace of research, discovery and innovation
    • Enriches the quality of education
    • Ensure access to more of what students need to know, rather what they (or the institution) can afford

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