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How Can You Make Your Work More Openly Available?

There are several options for making your research more widely available:

  • Publish in an open access journal.

    o The Directory of Open Access Journals offers a list of free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals in a broad array of disciplines. Select “For authors” to see the various open access options available.
  • Consider publishing in an alternative journal; such journals are lower cost and offer publishing models that encourage broad distribution and reuse of content.

  • Consider starting an alternative or open access journal:
  • Choose an open access option in a traditional journal that has become “hybrid,” giving the author the option to pay for an individual article to be open access.
  • Include your work in Missouri S&T's faculty research repository: Scholars' Mine.
  • Include your work in one of the Discipline-based repositories, e.g.:
    • Computer science: Citeseer
    • Physics, Math, nonlinear sciences, computer science, quantitative biology: ArXiv
    • Economics: RePec
    • Psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, and other disciplines as they relate to the study of cognition: Cogprints

Publisher Copyright Policies

What happens to your copyrights when you publish?  Every publisher has differing policies regarding self-archiving and your continued use of your published work.  This SHERPA/RoMEO database provides a searchable collection of publisher policies--check here first when deciding where to publish. Additional information about copyright is also available in our Library Guide to Copyright.

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