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Digital Commons @ Kettering University

An introduction to Digital Commons, the institutional repository of Kettering University.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Digital Commons @ Kettering?
  • What is Open Access? 
  • Why contribute to Digital Commons?
  • Can I request content be taken down?

What is Digital Commons @ Kettering?

Q: What is Digital Commons @ Kettering? 

A: Digital Commons @ Kettering is an institutional repository that offers open access to the collected scholarship and creative works of Kettering University faculty, students and staff. It is a service of Kettering University Library.

What is Open Access?

Q: What is Open Access?

A: Journal publishing that is "digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions." 

What does this mean to you?

  • Open access increases access to articles, especially to those with limited journal budgets and to those who are in remote locations. This is especially useful for distance learning initiatives.
  • In creating an open access journal, you have control over whether or not an author retains copyright, but traditionally, open access journals allow the author to retain their copyright.

More info: our Open Access LibGuide

Why contribute to DigitalCommons @ Kettering?

Q: Why contribute to Digital Commons @ Kettering?

A: Digital Commons @ Kettering makes the scholarship of Kettering University easily available in one location online, enabling increased access to colleagues (both at Kettering and beyond), students and the greater online community. Works placed in the repository are more easily discovered in popular search engines as well as other academic search portals. This greater access makes it easier for researchers around the world to discover your work.

In addition, because a permanent URL is established, researches can cite these works without the normal concerns regarding content online disappearing or moving. Digital Commons @ Kettering is a valuable way to extend the scholarly output of Kettering University to include greater reach and increased circulation not only in Michigan, but throughout the country and beyond. This increased visibility, awareness, and stability benefits both content creators and Kettering University.
Increased visibility: Digital Commons @ Kettering opens up the accessibility of your content increasing its discoverability and usability by making it available through common online search tools allowing the author to gain wider distribution of their scholarly output.

Permanence: Digital Commons @ Kettering provides a stable URL to your publications so your research will always be findable.

E-Publishing: Digital Commons @ Kettering facilitates creation of electronic journals, newsletters and conferences.

Grant requirements: Submitting your works to Digital Commons @ Kettering can help meet the criterion of some grants with data-sharing aspects, such as the NSF and NIH.

Requesting Content Takedowns

Q: Can I request my content be taken down from Digital Commons once it is posted? 

A: Yes. 

The Author Agreement signed by contributors to Digital Commons does not transfer copyright in any way to Kettering University. The original copyright owner, either the author of the paper or the publisher of a journal still maintains copyright. 

At any time the author of a paper can request it be taken down by emailing

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