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Digital Commons @ Kettering University

An introduction to Digital Commons, the institutional repository of Kettering University.

Digital Commons Mission Statement

In support of scholarship and research Digital Commons @ Kettering University will: 

  • Collect, organize, provide access to, and archive the research, scholarship, and other significant institutional records of Kettering University.

  • Create global visibility for our campus by highlighting the deep knowledge of individual faculty members and institutional research that reflects the intellectual culture and learning environment of Kettering University.

Digital Commons Services

Services available from Digital Commons include:

  • INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORY - Digital Commons provides global access to the digital scholarly and cultural resources created by the Kettering community. Our staff regularly monitor the most popular publication resources for new research and creative work by our own faculty. When a work is located it is added to the repository along with descriptive information which will enable it to be easily located by internet users. Our staff also ensure that all copyright and publisher licensing agreements are followed. Faculty may also submit their own work and our staff will review it and add descriptive information if needed. 
  • FACULTY PROFILES - An online presence is crucial for our faculty and researchers. Digital Commons staff will create an online profile in our Faculty Works portal for each faculty author featuring their body of work along with a brief bio, their research interests and other information. Faculty have the option to monitor readership of their work, communicate with their readers and update their profiles.
  • RESEARCH DATA HOSTING AND CURATION - Providing access to research data is increasingly important. Digital Commons provides support for all file types and formats, and has unlimited storage capacity. Our staff is available to help you define your research data needs and ensure that your data is secured for the future.
  • ePUBLISHING - Digital Commons enables faculty, students and others to create and manage online journals, books and conference proceedings. Complete publication services are available including online submission, peer-review and editorial management. Scholars' Mine is an excellent alternative to expensive commercial publishers and our staff is available to assist you.


We collect material in the following areas:

  • Program areas throughout Kettering University
    • Publications
    • Conferences
    • Grants
    • Patents
  • Accreditation and Higher Learning Commission documents
  • Special collections such as
    • AutoDrive Program
    • Crash Safety Center
    • Faculty Senate

Digital Commons Hosting Platform

We use Digital Commons and SelectedWorks by bepress (Berkeley Electronic Press) to provide our repository services. bepress was built by scholars to serve the needs of scholars and is the leading commercial provider of repository services to the academic community. 

  • Digital Commons provides our basic repository showcasing the breadth of scholarship produced by our faculty and students as well as other special collections. Digital Commons also provides the publishing platform necessary for journals, books and conference proceedings. Materials in Digital Commons are highly discoverable in Google, Google Scholar and other search engines. Also full-text materials in Digital Commons repositories are indexed in the Digital Commons Network, a free discovery tool used by researchers worldwide.
  • SelectedWorks (which we refer to as Faculty Works) hosts our faculty profiles and is fully integrated with Digital Commons. Faculty Works provides our faculty with online scholarly identities, enabling them to share scholarship and measure their research impact.   

Digital Commons Backup Strategy

bepress employees a multi-tiered disaster recovery plan utilizing fail-over servers and regular on-site and off-site backups. We receive quarterly backup files from bepress which we house in our own secure storage.  Additionally, we participate in bepress Archive. With bepress archive we maintain an Amazon S3 account. bepress updates in real- time a cloned copy of our bepress implementation maintained in our Amazon S3 account. This service includes automatic checksums and data integrity checks and we have complete control of the content and its administration.

See Safeguarding Your Content with Digital Commons for detailed information.

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