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PIRA Demonstration Closet: Oscillations + Waves

An inventory of demonstration experiments located in the Physics Closet.

Wave Motion

3B10 - Wave Motion - Transverse Pulses and Waves

Wave Generator

Secondary Category:

 3B22 - Wave Motion - Standing Waves

Additional Wave Resources

The library purchased the Android App Wave Motion and installed it on the two Samsung Galaxy Tabs we have for checkout. Feel free to contact the library and ask to use these in your class for demonstrations.



3D46 - Instruments - Tuning Forks

Assorted Tuning Forks

More Info on Tuning Forks

The course guide for EP 485: Acoustic Testing & Modeling features additional information on tuning forks and is meant to support students researching the acoustics of tuning forks and quadrupoles. 

Below, a super slo-mo video of a tuning fork splashing water. Because it's cool. Watch the whole video here.

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