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An inventory of demonstration experiments located in the Physics Closet.

Physics Instructional Resource Assocation


PIRA is an association of professionals dedicated to the support and advancement of physics education. We work together and in alliance with physics educators and support specialists to develop effective teaching tools and techniques to aid and promote physics education. 

The live links indicates we have a corresponding experiment, and will take you to the entry in the LibGuide.




gap column

  1A - Measurement   6A - Geometrical Optics
  1C - Motion in One Dimension   6B - Photometry
  1D - Motion in Two Dimensions   6C - Diffraction
  1E - Relative Motion   6D - Interference
  1F - Newton's First Law   6F - Color
  1G - Newton's Second Law   6H - Polarization
  1H - Newton's Third Law   6J - The Eye
  1J - Statics of Rigid Bodies   6Q - Modern Optics
  1K - Applications of Newton's Laws    
  1L - Gravity   MODERN PHYSICS
  1M - Work and Energy   7A - Quantum Effects
  1N - Linear Momentum and Collisions   7B - Atomic Physics
  1Q - Rotational Dynamics   7D - Nuclear Physics
  1R - Properties of Matter   7E - Elementary Particles
      7F - Relativity
  2A - Surface Tension   ASTRONOMY
  2B - Statics of Fluids   8A - Planetary Astronomy
  2C - Dynamics of Fluids   8B - Stellar Astronomy



8C - Cosmology
  OSCILLATIONS AND WAVES   8D - Miscellaneous
  3A - Oscillations   8E - Astronomy Teaching Techniques
  3B - Wave Motion    
  3C - Acoustics   EQUIPMENT
  3D - Instruments   9A - Support Systems / Facility


3E - Sound Reproduction


9B - Electronic
  THERMODYNAMICS   9C - Mechanical
  4A - Thermal Properties of Matter    
  4B - Heat and the First Law    
  4C - Change of State  
  4D - Kinetic Theory  
  4E - Gas Law  
  4F - Entropy and the Second Law  
  5A - Electrostatics  
  5B - Electric Fields and Potentials  
  5C - Capacitance  
  5D - Resistance  
  5E - Electromotive Force and Current  
  5F - DC Circuits  
  5G - Magnetic Materials  
  5H - Magnetic Fields and Forces    
  5J - Inductance    
  5K - Electromagnetic Induction    
  5L - AC Circuits    
  5M - Semiconductors and Tubes    
  5N - Electromagnetic Radiation    



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Physics Courses

These are the Physics classes at Kettering that correspond to PIRA Demonstrations.


        PHYS 114/115 - Newtonian Mechanics

        PHYS 412 - Theoretical Mechanics

  Oscillations + Waves

        PHYS 302 - Vibration, Sound + Light

        PHYS 477 - Optics


        PHYS 452 - Thermodynamics + Statistical Physics

  Electricity + Magnetism

        PHYS 224/225 - Electricity + Magnetism

  Modern Physics

        PHYS 362 - Modern Physics

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