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Chemistry 247 + 347 + 348: How to Use ACS + Citations

This guide is for Dr. Montserrat Rabago-Smith's chemistry classes

American Chemical Society Publications

American Chemical Society Style of Citation

Using the American Chemical Society Publications

ACS Publications stands alongside Chemical Abstracts Services in supporting the American Chemical Society's goal to be the most authoritative, comprehensive, and indispensable provider of chemistry-related information, in keeping with the ACS's Vision of Improving People's Lives Through the Transforming Power of Chemistry.

American Chemical Society is a full-text database of the publications of the society. It covers all aspects of chemistry and related areas.

This video is presented by the American Chemical Society and shows the basics in navigating and conducting searches in the ACS database. 

ACS Style Guide Citations

In Text 

In ACS publications, you may cite references in text in three ways:

1. By superscript numbers, which appear outside the punctuation if the citation applies to a whole sentence or clause.

2. By italic numbers in parentheses on the line of text and inside the punctuation.

3. By author name and year of publication in parentheses inside the punctuation (known as author–date).

        Reference List

A reference must include certain minimum data:

• Periodical references must include the author names, abbreviated journal title, year of publication, volume number (if any), and initial page of cited article (the complete span is better).

• Book references must include the author or editor names, book title, publisher, city of publication, and year of publication.

• For material other than books and journals, sufficient information must be provided so that the source can be identified and located.

In lists, references always end with a period

Doss, J., Solla, L., & Bérard, P. (2006). References. In The ACS Style Guide (pgs 287-341). DOI:10.1021/bk-2006-STYG.ch014

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