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Course Reserves/Textbooks: Copyright Guidelines

Information about Course Reserves/Textbooks available at the KU Library.


The Kettering University Library is able to not only assist instructors in obtaining materials for courses, but also has the ability to work with each instructor to ensure that materials obtained and provided to students fall within copyright law. 

Questions can be directed to your liaison librarian or

Material Info

  • For materials owned by the KU Library:
      • Please utilize Search Everything when looking for available electronic materials (owned by Kettering) or email if you need assistance with finding or researching any resources or supporting materials. 
        • eBooks- Direct persistent links can be provided to students. Many library resources have special links, which allow for remote access and may require login via Kettering Credentials. Please make sure you're starting from the library webpage when finding resources. These links can be posted for repeated term use. The whole download of books is pending on the publisher; unless they're open access (OA) or Digital Rights Management (DRM) free.
        • Articles, book chapters, etc.- Specific links can be provided to each material for repeated term use. Posting of PDF content is reserved to a one-term limit.
    • PHYSICAL *All required Course Reserves must be available in the electronic format*
      • Please email if you need any assistance with finding electronic versions or alternatives.
  • For materials owned by the faculty:
    • Articles and other short items (e.g. quizzes, old exams, study notes)- These should be uploaded to your course blackboard shell. They can be repeatedly used each term, as you're are the first owner.
  • For material not owned by the KU Library or faculty:
    • A photocopy of a specific journal article or book chapter may be ordered through our Materials on Demand (MoD) service and posted to your Blackboard Shell for a one-term limit.

If you have any questions on copyright related to course reserves, please take the fair use checklist and/or email the librarians at

Types of Copyright

The Kettering University Library has a dedicated page that explains Copyright and how it relates to Course Reserves in more detail here:

Library Homepage

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