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Course Reserves: Faculty

Information about Course Reserves available at the KU Library.

Acquiring Reserves

The best and most accurate way for us to acquire reserves is to get an email request from a professor. Barring that, we actively add textbooks to the reserves using what's listed each term in the online bookstore. As you can imagine, we can only acquire as much as we have information for. We rely on professors to provide us what they're using. Head of Collections Access, Josh Olsen (810-762-7816), coordinates the ordering and processing of reserves.

FAQ : Faculty & Reserves

How do I submit Print Reserves?

Faculty can send an email to Josh Olsen, Head of Collections Access, (810-762-7816) to let him know what textbooks or materials they will be using for the coming semester.  In the email, please provide a list of items or a copy of the class syllabus containing the book or material's information. Please keep in mind that it can take up to six weeks for us to acquire materials not owned by the library. In the meantime we may be able to request digital copy.

How do I submit eReserves?

Faculty can provide websites, streamed videos, old test, notes, quizzes, or exams for study purposes. These are called eReserves and are for student use on Blackboard.  To submit these, please provide a copy to the library in person and we will digitize it for you.

Can professors provide copies of the textbook for student use? 

Yes, and they sometimes do if we've ordered a book that will not arrive for some time.

What else can be placed on reserve?

Print Reserve items may include textbooks or other books, multimedia (CDs, DVDs, or equipment) and other course-related materials. Library licensed links are preferred over documents, due to copyright. We can only scan in consideration of fair use. 

What cannot be placed on reserve?

Anything that exceeds copyright. For example, the work of another person, items borrowed through Inter-Library Loan, and copied movies (without permission of the copyright holder). We only add coursepacks to the reserves if the faculty member owns the rights or has permission from the publisher to add it to the reserves.

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