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PHYS 354: Medical Physics Principles: How to Search for KU Library Resources

Course guide for students in PHYS 354 to help with research into Medical Physics.

KU Library: How to search for books and ebooks

SearchEverything Box - Begin Your Research Here!

The SearchEverything box on our homepage is your gateway to articles, books, journals, and databases, searching over 95% of the library's resources in one location.

Tips for a successful search:

  • Use AND, OR, and NOT to expand and contract your search results. ex: automation AND Germany.
  • Use the * symbol to search different forms of a word. ex: engineer* also searches engineers, engineering, etc.
  • Use filters on the results page, such as "full text online," "peer-reviewed," and "publication date" to narrow results.
  • Don't copy/paste full citations - remove all punctuation or use the citation search tab at the top of the page.

KU Library: How to search for Peer-Reviewed Articles

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