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Management Databases

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This is the Faculty Select homepage. The search box searches for Open Access/DRM Free content by either Keyword, Title or Author. For example, we searched by the keywords of "Engineering Education."

In this instance, we received 549 results for keywords: Engineering Education. From here, you can narrow down your results using the limiters on the left sidebar, you can choose several limiters, such as "OER Only" aka Open Educational Resources/Free or "EBooks Available for Purchase" content. 

If you choose an "OER Only" eBook = You need to click on the "Preview or Adopt this eBook". This will open another page where you can by click on the "Preview" (Opens Publisher page) or "Receive a Course-Friendly Link" to notify a librarian that you would like to incorporate this text into your course or research.

If you choose an "Ebooks available for Purchase" = You need to click on the "Request a purchase of this item from your library." This will notify a librarian you would like us to purchase this eBook for your course or research.

"OER Only"

If you would like adopt or purchase chosen eBook you must fill out the following form.
Please use email.

Below is an example of your submission email. The library will follow-up with your request.

If you can't find any OER/DRM-Free eBooks that are helpful for your course(s), please feel free to email

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