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JSTOR eBooks

Using JSTOR eBooks

The JSTOR eBook database offers over 63,000 ebook titles from 95 academic publishers, including over 8,000 open-access titles. An unlimited number of students and faculty can access these ebooks simultaneously, making this database a great resource for digital course readings. Additionally, all ebook chapters are available exclusively in a DRM-free, unlimited-user model, with PDF downloads, and printing, and no need to log in or use special software to read the materials.

The search box for all JSTOR materials is near the top of the database's homepage.



Once you enter your search term(s), you will need to use the filters on the left side of the results page to select "books" or "book chapters" from the menu as the search defaults to all items JSTOR owns (images, books, journals, etc). 



The next step is to scroll further down the page and click the filter that says "Content I Can Access" as you do not have access to the full JSTOR database system. This will refresh your results to only the materials that you can access fully.



Once you locate a title you are interested in, you can either click the title to read in your browser, or you can click the red download button to the right of the title. 



If you choose to view the material in the browser, there are icons to help you change the zoom, etc, as well as an arrow icon to advance the view to the next page.



The JSTOR ebooks database has a handy citation tool you can use to correctly format your citation for your own bibliographies and works cited page. There are 2 ways to get to the citation tool for your chosen work:

  • On the search result page, below the "Download" button, you will find one that says "Cite." See the top image below.
  • When reading the book in the browser, there is a "Cite" button to the left of the "Download" button. See the bottom image below.


The citation tool offers citations in 3 styles:

  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • APA

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