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Copyright at Kettering University

Guide to copyright and what is means for Kettering University students, faculty and staff.

Copyright in Blackboard

Blackboard is the platform Kettering University uses to host its distance learning courses, as well as post materials and assignments for in-person courses. 

Blackboard is a secure environment which only Kettering students and faculty can access. However, although Blackboard enjoys extended copyright privileges due to the TEACH Act, it still must comply to certain rules.

As a student, you must be aware of the following copyright practices when using Blackboard:

  • The materials uploaded to Blackboard are intended for use during the enrolled term only. Do not save materials uploaded into Blackboard, such as book chapters or journals, past the time when the course ends
  • The materials shared through Blackboard are intended for you, as an enrolled student only. Do not share materials with other students outside the course.
  • Cite any material you use from Blackboard in your work properly.
  • Materials used in Blackboard CANNOT be sold to other students or persons 

(Copyright & Fair Use, 2019)


For more information on copyright in Blackboard, please see this link.

© The University of Texas at Arlington Copyright & Fair Use: Copyright & Blackboard. (n.d.).  Retrieved June 24, 2019, from


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