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Copyright at Kettering University

Guide to copyright and what is means for Kettering University students, faculty and staff.

Copyright Rules for Blackboard

Due to it's secure nature, Blackboard is an excellent place for faculty to conduct online courses and share materials with both virtual and traditional classes. 

However, copyright laws must still be followed, even in Blackboard.

Below, see a chart of common practices on Blackboard and whether or not they follow copyright law.


​Determining what is okay to post to Blackboard while following copyright practices can be confusing. Please see the following recommendations for some tips to follow:

  • Locate resources to use for coursework through full-text resources owned by the library and link to them from Blackboard
  • Hyperlink to those resources from your digital syllabus
  • Post links to websites instead of posting copies of a website on to Blackboard 
  • Reconsider the need to digitize a print resource and find a licensed full-text alternative
  • If you need to copy a resource:
    • Perform a fair use analysis, see: Fair Use Checklist
    • If deemed fair use, make a digital scan of a reasonable portion of the original
    • Ensure a copyright notice is on the digital copy
      • The University Libraries will assist obtaining content if a request for a digital copy is placed. Contact your subject librarian with questions about purchasing digital copies.
      • You can request the library to put items on reserve
      • Post lawfully acquired copies of materials, (e.g., items you or the institution purchased, obtained through ILL, or from our licensed E-resources databases)

All works not considered fair use require copyright permission. Obtaining copyright permission is the responsibility of the instructor posting on Blackboard (Copyright & Fair Use, 2019).  

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Copyright & Fair Use: Copyright & Blackboard. (n.d.). Retrieved June 24, 2019, from

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