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Dictionary of Natural Products

Using Dictionary of Natural Products

The Dictionary of Natural Products provides numerous ways to search for comprehensive data on natural products. 

When searching the DNP, you can: 

  • Search specific groups of compounds by combining a chemical structure with another parameter in your query
  • Search by drawing the structure or sub-structure you require
  • Select accurately-labeled literature references that are the most useful and pertinent to your search - including links to relevant webpages on
  • Our editorial team constantly monitors new journal articles in the natural products literature and adds new natural products to the database twice yearly so that DNP always has the most recently isolated and identified naturally-occurring chemicals
  • Search results yield vital natural product information - see a snapshot of the result for Taxol below, or download a PDF of the complete entry

For a tutorial on using the Dictionary of Natural Products, please see the Tutorials tab above. 


Step by step guide to Searching the Database


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