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PHYS 362: Modern Physics + Physics Nobel Winners: 1980s

A Research Guide to assist students in their Nobel Laureate Project.

1980 — Particle Physics

James W. Cronin

Nobel Lecture / Biography

About Cronin:

 Video Interview

Article: The Case for the Supercollider



Val L. Fitch

Nobel Lecture / Biography


Banquet Speech

About Fitch:

Video Interview


Laser Spectroscopy

1981 —Optics + Chemical Physics

Nicolaas Bloembergen

Nobel Lecture / Biography

Banquet Speech

Video Interview

About Bloembergen:

Chapter: "Nobel Laureate for Nonlinear Optics & Spectroscopy" inside The pioneers of NMR and magnetic resonance in medicine - the story of MRI 

Arthur L. Schawlow

Nobel Lecture / Biography

About Schawlow: 

Book: Microwave Spectroscopy (GoogleBooks)

Article: Infrared and optical masers




Kai M. Siegbahn

Nobel Lecture / Biography

About Siegbahn: 

Article: Vibrational and lifetime line broadenings in ESCA


1982 — Elementary Particle Theory


1983 — Astrophysics

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

Nobel Lecture / Biography

Banquet Speech 

About Chandrasekhar:

Featured: Science in the Early Twentieth Century

Book: Chandra: A Biography of S. Chandrasekhar

Books by Chandrasekhar: 

A Scientific Autobiography: S. Chandrasekhar (GoogleBooks)

Radiative Transfer

Chapter: Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Stability inside: "A quest for perspectives : selected works of S. Chandrasekhar : with commentary"

Plasma Physics: A Course Given at the University of Chicago

Article: Ellipsoidal figures of equilibrium


"Science is a perception of the world around us. Science is a place where what you find in nature pleases you."

- S. Chandrasekhar



William A. Fowler

Nobel Lecture / Biography

Banquet Speech



1984 — High-Energy Particle Physics

Carlo Rubbia

Nobel Lecture / Biography

Banquet Speech 


Books about Rubbia: 

Video interview


Simon van der Meer

Nobel Lecture / Biography

Books about van der Meer:

Chapter: "The Long-Term Future of Particle Accelerators" inside A Century of Ideas: Perspectives from Leading Scientists of the 20th Century

Quantum Hall Effect

1985 — Condensed-Matter Physics

Klaus von Klitzing

Nobel Lecture / Biography

Banquet Speech

About von Klitzing:

Video Interview


Scanning Electron Microscope

1986 — Electron Microscopy

Ernst Ruska

Nobel Lecture / Biography

Banquet Speech

About Ruska:

Patent: Electron microscope, US 2267137 A

Magazine Article: Nobel Award Resolves Row over Microscope, New Scientist 1987

Short Biography inside Medical Pioneers

Article: The development of the electron microscope and of electron microscopy

Gerd Binnig

Nobel Lecture / Biography

About Binnig: 

Featured: Superconductivity - A Very Short Introduction (p 98)

Short Biography inside The 100 Most Influential Inventors of All Time (GoogleBooks)

Article: Surface studies by scanning tunneling microscopy

Heinrich Rohrer

Nobel Lecture / Biography

About Rohrer: 

Video Interview

Short Biography inside The 100 Most Influential Inventors of All Time (GoogleBooks)

Chapter: "Atomic Consciousness" inside Mind, Life, and Universe - Conversations with Great Scientists of our Time 

Article: Tunneling through a controllable vacuum gap

Muon Neutrino

1988 — Particle Physics

Atomic Clock

1989 — Spectroscopy

Hans G. Dehmelt

Nobel Lecture / Biography

About Dehmelt: 

Short Biography inside American Scientists

Article: New high-precision comparison of electron and positron g factors

Wolfgang Paul

Nobel Lecture / Biography

About Paul: 

Book: Stochastic Processes - From Physics to Finance (GoogleBooks)

 Article: Electromagnetic traps for charged and neutral particles

Norman F. Ramsey

Nobel Lecture / Biography

Banquet Speech

Video Interview

About Ramsey: 

Chapter: "Pioneer of MR Spectroscopy" inside The pioneers of NMR and magnetic resonance in medicine - the story of MRI 

Article: A molecular beam resonance method with separated oscillating fields

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