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PHYS 362: Modern Physics + Physics Nobel Winners: Presenting

A Research Guide to assist students in their Nobel Laureate Project.

Giving a Presentation

Here are a few tools and suggestions to help prepare you for getting up and presenting in front of a class. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to improve upon the traditional PowerPoint slideshow and integrate technology into your presentations. 

Check out these articles for more advice on crafting an engaging and effective presentation:

Sharing Your Presentation

Slideshare allows you to share presentations online. Slides are uploaded to Slideshare, searchable, and able to be shared or embedded across the internet.

Speaker Deck is another option for sharing your presentations online. It is similar to the style of Slideshare, but is ad free. Also, when you embed slideshows, they will automatically resize to the size of the space in which they are being embedded.

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PowerPoint, one piece of the Microsoft Office Suite, is perhaps the best known tool for creating presentations. While everyone has seen dry presentations consisting primarily of text on slides, PowerPoint can do much more than this, including offering embedded content such as images, videos, audio files and even dynamic content from the internet.

These tools will help you to do more with your PowerPoint slides.


Prezi allows users to create dynamic "zooming" presentations. If you have already created a PowerPoint presentation, it also offers an option to import your existing slides to Prezi. Presentations are created, stored and delivered online.

Prezi offers a large number of tutorials to help you with every step of the process on their YouTube channel. The video below shows how to get started. You can also find examples of Prezis in their gallery.


Emaze is an online presentation platform built on HTML5 technology. Users can create, manage and share their presentations from any browser or mobile device. Emaze offers a variety of templates including formats using 3D animations and video backgrounds. Browse their gallery or view the sample presentation below:

Powered by emaze

Google Slides

Google Slides is to PowerPoint what Google Docs is to Word. It allows users with a free Google Drive account to create quick and easy presentations. While it doesn't have quite as many features as PowerPoint or others, it makes collaboration simple and works well for basic presentations. Google has a great tutorial to walk you through its features or you can watch the video below.

Thanks to Harvard Law School Library for inspiration in creating this LibGuide.

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