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PHYS 362: Modern Physics + Physics Nobel Winners: Preparation

A Research Guide to assist students in their Nobel Laureate Project.

Writing a Research Paper

Help with writing a properly formatted outline & research paper:

Finding Articles Using Google Scholar


Did you know you can use Google Scholar to search Kettering databases for articles and journals? It should automatically work if you are logged into Google with your Kettering email address. 

If it's not working, after logging in, just go to Settings Library Links from the Google Scholar homepage and type in Kettering University. Tick the check box and click Save. If we have an article, you'll see the 'Full-Text @ Kettering' link in your Google Scholar search results.

google scholar icon

Full-Text @ Kettering

Google Scholar also has an extension for the Chrome Browser worth checking out.


Books on the Nobel Winners

These books in the Kettering collection are general books on the Nobel prize, the laureates, and their speeches.


Paper Writing

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