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PHYS 362: Modern Physics + Physics Nobel Winners: 2010s

A Research Guide to assist students in their Nobel Laureate Project.


2010 — Material Physics - Graphene

Andre Geim

Nobel Lecture (video) / Biography

Banquet Speech (video

About Geim:


Youtube Interviews + Lectures

Featured: Stuff Matters (amazon link - Look Inside - p 159 "Unbreakable")

Articles about Geim: Slate | The Independent UK | The Economist 

Profile in the New Yorker: Graphene may be the most remarkable substance ever discovered. But what’s it for?

Article: Electric field effect in atomically thin carbon films

*Interesting Facts* Also won the IgNobel Prize for levitating a frog and coauthored a paper with his hamster, H.A.M.S. ter Tisha.

Konstantin Novoselov

Nobel Lecture (video) / Biography

About Novoselov:


Article: The Rise of Graphene

Chapter: "Axial Deformation of Monolayer Graphene Under Tension and Compression" in GraphITA 2011 (ebook)

Expansion of the Universe

2012 — Astrophysics

Serge Haroche

Nobel Lecture (video) / Biography

Banquet Speech 

About Haroche: 


Biography & lectures @ Collège de France

Chapter: "Monitoring the Decoherence of Mesoscopic Quantum Superpositions in a Cavity" inside Quantum Decoherence

Book: Exploring the Quantum - Atoms, Cavities, and Photons

Article: Step-by-Step Engineered Multiparticle Entanglement


David J. Wineland

Nobel Lecture (video) / Biography

About Wineland: 


Article: Generation of Nonclassical Motional States of a Trapped Atom




Higgs Boson

2013 — Particle Physics

François Englert

Nobel Lecture / Biography

About Englert: 

Text Interview

Video: The Formula of the Universe

Book: Most Wanted Particle - The Inside Story of the Hunt for the Higgs

Book: The Particle at the End of the Universe (p 183)

Book: The Large Hadron Collider (p 156)

Peter Higgs

Nobel Lecture (video) / Biography

Banquet Speech (video)

About Higgs: 


Videos on Youtube (about 100)

Book: Most Wanted Particle - The Inside Story of the Hunt for the Higgs

Book: Higgs - The Invention + Discovery of the 'God' Particle

Book: Higgs Discovery - The Power of Empty Space

Book: The Large Hadron Collider - The Extraordinary Story of the Higgs Boson (p 156)

Book: The Quantum Frontier - The Large Hadron Collider

Article: Spontaneous symmetry breakdown without massless bosons


The Higgs Boson Explained

Blue LED Lights

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

2016 — Exotic States of Matter

David J. Thouless



About Thouless:

Book: Topological Quantum Numbers in Nonrelativistic Physics (Coming Soon)

Journal of Physics C Article: Ordering, metastability, and phase transitions in two-dimensional systems 

Podcast: BBC Radio 4 Profile

F. Duncan M. Haldane

Nobel Lecture Video 

Banquet Speech



About McDonald: 

Physical Review Letters Article: Model for a quantum Hall effect without Landau levels

Physical Review B Article: Minimal entangled states and modular matrix for fractional quantum Hall effect in topological flat band


J. Michael Kosterlitz

Nobel Lecture Video 




About McDonald: 

Journal of Physics C Article: Ordering, metastability, and phase transitions in two-dimensional systems 


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