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A how-to of the Kettering & MeL databases

Access Engineering

Creating a persistent link:

Navigate to the resource you wish to share. Near the top of the resource, select "share":

From the pop-up window, select "proxy link". Copy and paste the link provided.

Using Access Engineering.

For a step-by-step guide to all aspects of using Access Engineering, please see this in-depth guide!

Using Dataviz

Designed by faculty, DataVis is an interactive, web-based data visualization tool that transforms the way students learn about material properties. DataVis instantly displays property data in interactive dot-plots and scatterplots across a wide range of materials.  Students can then use interactive features to actively explore the data, and to compare the range of each property both within and across material classifications.  Up to 5 properties can be explored together on a single page. Visualizations can be saved as projects and shared with others. DataVis also includes a simple search tool for looking up property values for a single material.

Sample DataVis project on the "Influence of Material Properties" from the University of the Pacific:

Dataviz Tutorial

See Also - Using AccessEngineering

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