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Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.

Using Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.


The most comprehensive source for detailed information on more than 24,000 nonprofit American membership organizations of national scope and multi-national scope. Every entry offers a wealth of valuable data, typically including the organization's complete name, address and phone number together with the primary official's name and title; fax number, when available; founding date, purpose, activities and dues; narrative description of association's purpose and activities; national and international conferences; and more.

Also featured is an alphabetical name and keyword index so you can quickly locate the name and address of the organization you need to contact without ever having to consult the main entry. 

Features and Benefits

  • All entries are verified and updated for each edition of ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ASSOCIATIONS, making the information accurate and reliable.
  • All entries are updated by direct contact with the organizations.
  • Listings are arranged in 18 broad subject chapters.
  • Within each subject chapter, entries are further organized by more than 1,000 subject keywords, allowing users to browse similar organizations related to their specific search in one location.
  • The majority of entries feature a wealth of descriptive information, including year founded, membership, budget, purpose and activities, services, publications, and other organization programs.
  • 100% of entries include at least one email address, organization website and/or social media handle, such as FaceBook, twitter and LinkedIn.

The Encyclopedia of Associations searches over 23,000 nonprofit organizations. You choose a basic or advanced search. 

For a basic search, simply input your search term in the box in the center of the screen, or next to the journal title. 

For advanced search, click the "Advanced Search option" as shown below.


Your results will display with a brief overview showing the organization, when it was founded, budget, contact information, etc.



Once you click on a record of interest, you will be able to read more in depth about the organization.



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