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A how-to of the Kettering & MeL databases

Harvard Business Review

Creating a persistent link:

From inside the database, navigate to the article you wish to share. From here, simply select "permalink" from the side menu:

From here, simply copy and paste the link given:

Using Harvard Business Review inside Business Source Premier

Harvard Business Review is included in Kettering's subscription to the database Business Source Premier.

This link (on or off campus) will take you directly to the landing page of HBR inside Business Source Premier, allowing access to articles from 1922-present. Use the years on the right hand side of the page to find specific issues, and the Search within this publication option to search.

Sometimes the "Search within this publication" function doesn't work very well. An alternative option is to use the Search Options function of Business Source Premier. Options are under the main search box. The search below shows a search for leadership within the Publication: harvard business review.

Using Harvard Business Review's Website

We do not have access to any HBR books, visual library, toolkits etc.. If you see something of value that asks for you to pay for it, please email the Materials on Demand service at and the library will cover the cost.


While our Kettering subscription does not provide free access to HBR's official Case Studies, by doing a search for "case study" and limiting to "Free with your subscription" you will see case studies that appeared in the magazine as articles. 


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