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MiTracking - Michigan Environmental Public Health Tracking

Using MiTracking- Michigan Environmental Public Health Tracking

The MiTracking-Michigan Environmental Public Health Tracking database is located on the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website.

Located in the middle of the page shown below, the MiTracking database gathers Michigan-specific environmental and health data in an easily searchable location. The purpose of the MiTracking database is to provide greater awareness to Michigan residents of environmental health concerns, and to inform residents about public health initiatives and programs. MiTracking is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Tracking Network (more information below).

The data on the site is broken down into three main categories: environmental topics, health conditions and population. 

To access data, simply click on the Go to Data icon and agree to the terms of service. Or, you can select "switch to advanced query" for more search options. From here, you can narrow your search based on your area of interest. Simply select the content, content areas, indicators and measures, and select run query. 

Note the example below:

Results returned from search:

Additional Resources

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website features a number of additional resources, including a link to the CDC website showcasing National Environmental Public Health Tracking. This resource can be used to track data on a national level, as well as narrowed by zip code or county. 

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