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A how-to of the Kettering & MeL databases

America's News: Flint Journal Collection

Creating persistent links: 

To share a persistent link from America's News: Flint Journal Collection, you will need to add Kettering University's proxy to ensure all users both on and off campus can access it. 

To do so, first, copy the URL that appears in the search bar for the resource you wish to share, which in this case is:

Next, add Kettering University's proxy BEFORE the URL as shown below: added to equals the new persistent link:

Using America's News: Flint Journal Collection

You can browse articles from in and around Flint, MI, using the search tools on the homepage. Search by date, location, type, or format. You can alternately type in a subject (at top) and search that way.

There is also a useful Help aid here.

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