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A how-to of the Kettering & MeL databases

ACS in Focus ebook Collection

Creating a persistent link:

To share a persistent link from ACS, you will need to add Kettering University's proxy to ensure all users both on and off campus can access it. 

To do so, first, copy the URL from the search bar for the resource you wish to share, which in this case is:

Next, add Kettering University's proxy BEFORE the URL as shown below: added to equals the new persistent link:

ACS offers access to free publication in 81 journals through our transformative agreement with the library. To explore journal options, please use the Journal Finder Tool

When you are ready to submit an article to a journal through the Journal Finder, you will see a green Select button. From here, you will create an account and follow the steps outlined on the journal submission site.

For more information about publishing under the ACS transformative agreement, please see this resource

If you need more information about publishing for free through ACS, please contact

Using ACS In Focus

ACS In Focus holds a collection of scientific e-books appropriate for both new and experienced learners of chemical science. 

From inside the database, simply enter your search term or title, if you know it, into the search box.

Or, search availability by clicking the "ACS Publications" link at the top of the page. 

PLEASE NOTE: Kettering has full access to ACS In Focus. However, it is important to note that some material is published at different times throughout the year, and may not be available in all cases.  Also, please ignore the default "Get Access" banner on the homepage; you have access through Kettering!


From here, select your subject area and narrow results further to gain the most accurate results.


Once you select "See All" simply choose the PDF button to view full text of your document.


About this Guide

Information for this guide provided courtesy of ACS In Focus. 

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