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A how-to of the Kettering & MeL databases

Demographics Now

Using Demographics Now

Search Demographics Now for information on the four following categories:

People & Company Records

Looking for people?  Search for an individual, a friend, a relative or create a market research list from over 147 million people! Filter your search by name, address, telephone or by a variety of U.S. Census neighborhood data averages.

Looking for businesses?  Search for an individual company or create a mailing list of multiple companies from over 17 million active businesses. Search by company name, executive title, business type, and more.

Looking for doctors/dentists?  Search for an individual physician, dentist, or practice or filter your list by a variety of options.

To search by people an company records, select the category from the top bar, then select a business, household, or physician/dentist list.


From here, type in the name you are looking for. For example, we used "Kraft Foods". 



From here you will receive a list of contact information for related searches.  




From population and Census data to housing expenditures, users of Demographics Now will have access to demographic information including income, housing, race, age, education, retail spending, consumer expenditures, businesses and more.

Run an unlimited number of reports in summary, comparison or ranking formats.

Compare statistics from multiple geographies in tabular format for easy analysis.
Summarize demographic information on a single geographic area or group multiple geographies into a single value.
Rank multiple geographies using a single demographic variable

Users may customize the reports by geography, choosing the area that best suits their needs.

To search by demographics, select a basic or advanced search. From here, select the report tye and name, and input your area of interest in the field in the top right of the screen.



Select run report, then scroll down to see your results.




Now using the powerful, user-friendly mapping technology of Google Maps, the Maps Section supports the ability for users to:

  • View their geography selection in relation to base map data
  • Add thematic layers to the map based on individual demographic variables
  • View licensed point data sets
  • Use pre-defined geography tools to edit, define custom geographies, and create and view custom polygons

The Demographics Now Maps feature has numerous options. To learn more about them, please view the following tutorial:

DemographicsNow - Mapping

This tutorial will show you how to use DemographicsNow's Maps to visually understand a current or potential market and its consumers.


Link to Video and Transcript



The Reports section contains pre-compiled analytical applications that allow you to perform complex demographic analysis on any standard or custom geography.

To run most reports, the following easy two-step process can be followed:

Step 1: Select Geography in the "Enter Geography" search bar located in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Start typing in an address or selecting a geography from the geography tree.

Step 2: Select one of the Reports from the drop down menu.


About this Guide

Information in this guide provided compliments of the Demographics Now website.

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